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 (plī-kā′shən) also plic·a·ture (plĭk′ə-cho͝or′)
a. The act or process of folding.
b. The state of being folded.
2. A fold.
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The first step of R-OAGB/MGB involved a calibrated (40 F tube) sleeve using 4.8 mm green Endo GIA reloads (Covidien, Boulder, CO) removing all the excessive and/or plicated gastric tissue along with plicature sutures.
Scar tissue (fibroblasts) and inflammatory cells were not observed in ureteral segments specimens that were wrapped by psoas muscle plicature.
Physical examination revealed dehydration (arterial hypotension: 90/60 mmHg; ocular hypotonia, persistent skin plicature); arrhythmia, mitral and aortic systolic murmurs, adynamia, confusion.