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 (plĭm′səl, -sôl′) also plim·sol or plim·sole (-sōl′)
n. Chiefly British
A rubber-soled cloth shoe; a sneaker.

[Probably from the resemblance of its mudguard to a Plimsoll mark.]


, plimsoll
n (Brit) → Turnschuh m
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"All equipment is provided, though we ask players to wear trainers or plimsole shoes on the green.
ON THE BEAT The Inevitable Heartbreak of Gavin Plimsole Pleasance Dome until August 29 Gavin Plimsole has been hoarding his heartbeats in the shed at the bottom of his garden.After he is given a life-changing diagnosis, he tries to understand what makes his heart tick.The audience may just find what makes them tick, too.
Take a nostalgic trip back to a time before rick assessment and child welfare, when teachers could belt you over the backside with a battered plimsole and kids could buy fireworks and light casual bonfires.
I had caught the bug so after a couple of years I went to work as commis chef at the Plimsole Line where I was taken under the wing of Jacques Eza previously the executive Chef at the Savoy Hotel -- he was the man who really taught me how to cook."
George Best, 67, a former science teacher and acting head of education at Headlands - a residential school for problem youngsters in Penarth - unlawfully slapped one boy with his hand and two others with a plimsole.
Biologists were fleeing Battersea and Plimsole. Our letters to the Times fell on ears no longer tuned to the music of reason.
Discipline was harsh too, many of the lads tasted the cane as well as being whacked on their back-back sides with 'Burdett's' size 10 plimsole. Because he yawned during lessons, one young scholar was made to lie down on the cold hard floor of the classroom for the entire lesson - he never yawned in class again.
Now the leaning is towards all the complications of a plimsole. Not that equipment is in short supply.
Men in bowler hats and tweed jackets, ladies in jodhpurs and riding boots and teenagers dressed almost regimentally in Abercrombie shirts and plimsole trainers.
The Earles lived in Plimsole Street, Wavertree, in 1997.
He's pictured with the teams and Marton Football Club chairman, Ron Gordon; WHO: Paul Tidy of Saltburn celebrated his 42nd birthday with friends and family at the Plimsole Line in Redcar.