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The area of land in a plot or group of plots.


(Physical Geography) geography the land that makes up a plot


(Theatre) theatre US the plotting of a theatrical production


(ˈplɒt ɪdʒ)

the area within a plot of land.
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Plottage can increase the value of a property if the adjacent area allows for further extension of the primary residence or serving the dominant site by increasing the garden or landscaped area, or providing additional parking, especially in a high-built environments.
Includes case study involving condemnation and trial insights, demand analysis, enhancement factor on ATF, plottage, and other considerations.
Plottage is the increment of value created when two or more sites are combined to produce greater utility.
Gulbis, Assemblage or Plottage as Factor Affecting Value in Eminent Domain Proceedings, 8 A.
Brown later became a partner of President Theodore Roosevelt's brother-in-law, Douglas Robbinson, who led the firm into plottage and site assemblage, and was instrumental in developing the city's insurance district around William and John Streets.
Some commentators believe the corridor factor multiple (30) is a measure of plottage, an incremental increase in value created by combining the separate land parcels to create a corridor.
Among these concepts are assemblage, plottage, multiple uses, connecting end points, limited market property, and the larger parcel.
plottage can be a negative factor when the tract under appraisal is larger than the optimum configuration for the prevailing pattern of utilization.
Furthermore, it can often be contended that plottage value derives from an easily envisioned assemblage.
Larger Parcel as Plottage Lands and Beneficial Ownership
Important physical characteristics include site size and shape, corner influence, plottage, excess land, surplus land, topography, utilities, site improvements, accessibility, and environment.