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I had in my mind I wouldn't run," he said, "but I was like the old plow horse in the barn.
You can get your hands on a plow horse somehow and do your best to protect it.
Unfortunately, it was a race between a tested thoroughbred and a retirable plow horse that we all saw.
Gearin often says "went from plow horse to wow horse.
You may find you don't need that plow horse anyway, and the ox may end up on the dinner table.
Removed from his familiar studio and tasting something bigger, Fraud flips from laid-back host to plow horse.
The 11-degree tread, when walked by a buggy horse or plow horse, powers a drive shaft that can be coupled easily with belt-driven appliances.
In one of many drunken moments, Ted nearly loses the family farm by buying the thoroughbred colt instead of the plow horse the family needs just to one-up his well-to-do brother.
We're more of a solid and stable market, more like a plow horse and not a race horse producing quick profits," he said.