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1. A man who plows.
2. A farmer or rustic.


(ˈplaʊ mən)

n., pl. -men.
1. a man who plows.
2. a farm laborer or a rustic.
plow′man•ship`, n.
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Noun1.plowman - a man who plowsplowman - a man who plows      
farm worker, farmhand, field hand, fieldhand - a hired hand on a farm
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A plowman was skinning his farm one morning--not the steepest part of it, but still a steep part--that is, he was not skinning the front of his farm, but the roof of it, near the eaves--when he absent-mindedly let go of the plow-handles to moisten his hands, in the usual way; he lost his balance and fell out of his farm backward; poor fellow, he never touched anything till he struck bottom, fifteen hundred feet below.
It would make a great difference in the drainage, but a new plowman might think this finickiness and just go ahead and plow all of it north and south, or all of it east and west and this would result in a lower yield--some parts of the field would get soggy and the wheat might get a rust, and other parts drain too readily, letting the ground become parched and break into cakes, all of which might be prevented.
Chaucer gives this good man a brother who is a plowman.
While thus he spake, th' Angelic Squadron bright Turnd fierie red, sharpning in mooned hornes Thir Phalanx, and began to hemm him round With ported Spears, as thick as when a field Of CERES ripe for harvest waving bends Her bearded Grove of ears, which way the wind Swayes them; the careful Plowman doubting stands Least on the threshing floore his hopeful sheaves Prove chaff.
All the earth was silent in the restfulness of eating time; the plowhorses stood in the furrow munching, with great bags over their noses holding sweet food, the plowman sat under the hedge and the plowboy also, and they, too, were munching, each one holding a great piece of bread in one fist and a great piece of cheese in the other.
Professional Sportswoman Of The Year Sarah-Jane Perry (below), represented by her dad Alan Perry (centre), along with sponsors KEP Print Group - Nicole, Anita and Mark Plowman - and celebrity Martin Plowman
For the title of the best plowman, representatives of all municipal districts and urban districts of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic can compete.
But Kamal and his associates held the victims captive at a flat on Plowman Close, Edmonton, and demanded more money from Bajwa and Singh.
Kirkburton-based Paxman Landscapes will create a new by constructing "Skyline: A Yorkshire Roof Garden" (pictured) in partnership with Kilmartin Plowman and Partners Architects, of Leeds.
The Introductory chapter in this interpretation of Piers Plowman lays out the books argument with admirable clarity.
Jack Chuma, David Klimavich, Jamie Plowman and Jason Silva have cleared a bar set at a minimum of 11 feet, 6 inches in competition.
Plowman has recently held a senior position as a national educator and campaigns organiser for the Council of Trade Unions (CTU).