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Capable of being connected peripherally to a computer without modification. Used of hardware.


designating computers or peripherals that are compatible with another vendor's models and could replace them.
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The replacement LED lamp for the Max-Power LED coupler is also plug-compatible with prior xenon lamp model Lares MX swivel couplers, enabling easy upgrade to the advantages of LED lighting.
Think back to when IBM essentially crushed Apple with the IBM PC and then engineers like Rod Canion designed the plug-compatible Compaq computer.
It is plug-compatible with the Granville-Phillips Mini-Convectron module, and both 9-pin D-sub and 15-pin high-density D-sub connectors are provided.
The only part that's really not plug-compatible, if you will, is that the SATA backplane connectors will not accept a SAS drive, but everything else is plug-compatible.
But a plug-compatible wiring harness with a complete set of electrical drawings showing detailed description of everything that is in the kit can eliminate guesswork and be installed in as little as a few days.
Luminex's VirtualBLUE line of parallel channel and ESCON emulators links IBM and plug-compatible mainframes with UNIX and Microsoft systems, resulting in improved operations and economics for large data centers.
The lamps are engineered so that they integrate the latest LED chip technology in order to provide the brightest illumination and so that they are plug-compatible with common illuminated switches and indicators.
Supporting several data interfaces, the system is plug-compatible with existing control systems.
The PC133 HSDRAM products continue the Enhanced Memory Systems tradition of supplying the highest performance plug-compatible memory upgrade products.
Meantime plug-compatible Fujitsu is readying a new generation of storage products to compete against IBM's new Shark storage subsystems for mainframes and Unix servers.
America's largest manufacturer of IBM plug-compatible mainframes: "Whether it is sugar subsidies or 'investments' in high-performance computing, the Clinton program represents the same logic: siphoning dollars from individuals and corporations and allocating them through a process that is terribly inefficient - a process that is responsive not to market requirements, but to bureaucratic empires and political payoffs.