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1. A weight on the end of a line, used to determine water depth.
2. A weight on the end of a line, used especially by masons and carpenters to establish a true vertical.
1. In a vertical or perpendicular line.
2. Informal Directly; squarely: fell plumb in the middle of the puddle.
3. also plum Informal Utterly; completely: plumb worn out. right
1. Exactly vertical. See Synonyms at vertical.
2. also plum Informal Utter; absolute; sheer: a plumb fool.
v. plumbed, plumb·ing, plumbs
1. To determine the depth of with a plumb; sound.
2. To test the verticality or alignment of with a plumb.
3. To straighten or make perpendicular: plumb up the wall.
4. To examine closely or deeply; probe: "Shallow ideas are plumbed and discarded" (Gilbert Highet).
5. To seal with lead.
6. To outfit with or connect to a plumbing system: plumbed the utility closet so a washing machine could be installed.
To work as a plumber.
off/out of plumb
Not vertical.

[Middle English, lead, a plumb, from Old French plomb, from Latin plumbum, lead.]

plumb′a·ble adj.
plumb′ness n.
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Adj.1.plumbable - (of depth) capable of being sounded or measured for depth
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