plumed thistle

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Noun1.plumed thistle - any of numerous biennial to perennial herbs with handsome purple or yellow or occasionally white flower heads
thistle - any of numerous plants of the family Compositae and especially of the genera Carduus and Cirsium and Onopordum having prickly-edged leaves
Cirsium, genus Cirsium - plume thistles
Canada thistle, Cirsium arvense, creeping thistle - European thistle naturalized in United States and Canada where it is a pernicious weed
Cirsium flodmanii, woolly thistle - thistle of western North America having white woolly leaves
brook thistle, Cirsium rivulare - of central and southwestern Europe
boar thistle, bull thistle, Cirsium lanceolatum, Cirsium vulgare, spear thistle - European thistle with rather large heads and prickly leaves; extensively naturalized as a weed in the United States
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Designer Steven Hall teamed their tall spires with the round blooms of the plumed thistle or Cirsium Atropurpureum and came up with this striking planting scheme.