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1. Having feathers or featherlike growths; feathered.
2. Resembling a plume; feathery.

[Latin plūmōsus, from plūma, feather.]

plu′mose′ly adv.
plu·mos′i·ty (-mŏs′ĭ-tē) n.


(ˈpluːməʊs; -məʊz)
(Zoology) another word for plumate
[C17: from Latin plūmōsus feathery]
ˈplumosely adv
plumosity n


(ˈplu moʊs)

1. having feathers or plumes; feathered.
2. like a feather or plume.
[1720–30; < Latin plūmōsus. See plume, -ose1]
plu′mose•ly, adv.
plu•mos•i•ty (pluˈmɒs ɪ ti) n.
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Adj.1.plumose - having an ornamental plume or feathery tuft
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
feathered - having or covered with feathers; "our feathered friends"
References in classic literature ?
Volume III, AUS to BIS, you will find that bees are a 'large and natural family of the zoological order Hymenoptera, characterized by the plumose form of many of their hairs, by the large size of the basal segment of the foot .
The antennules have aesthetascs and simple plumose and pappose setae; the antennae have simple, plumose and pappose setae.
The subgenus Frendelia Collin, 1948 (Diptera: Lauxaniidae: Minettia Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830) is diagnosed as follows: body brown to black; antenna often long plumose, rarely short pubescent (in Minettia (F.
The long antennular aesthetascs and the long plumose natatory setae of the first and second maxillipeds have been drawn truncated.
Prolegs with lateroseries of crochets and several long and apically pointed plumose setae (Fig.
Creatures range from attached sea squirts, dead man's fingers (a soft coral), sea urchins, tall plumose anemones and burrowing creatures such as peacock worms.
The hull is covered with plumose anemones so it's a colourful dive.
Yes, you thought there were only three, namely Pitcairnioideae, Tillandsioideae, and Bromelioideae, known by their winged seeds, plumose seeds, and fleshy fruits, respectively.
The wrecks are covered in plumose anemones and there are huge old lobsters that have been on the wrecks for decades.
Sepal modification for fruit dispersal: none=0; developing into a plumose seed/ fruit= 1; developing to seeds/fruits with awns/bristles=2; enlarged and leaflike aiming for wind dispersal= 3.
These support an abundance of sea life, including plumose anemones and the long brown weed kelp.
rodriguesi the presence of a pair of plumose setae (vl1) and a pair of hollow depressions on the dorsal surface of the male flagellum (Figs.