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1. Having feathers or featherlike growths; feathered.
2. Resembling a plume; feathery.

[Latin plūmōsus, from plūma, feather.]

plu′mose′ly adv.
plu·mos′i·ty (-mŏs′ĭ-tē) n.
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The arista with very long plumosity, the longest rays being usually half the length of the arista or longer (fig.
Madagascar) 5 Antenna dark brown, distinct infuscation of scape, pedicel and/or postpedicel 6 --Antenna yellow (no infuscation of scape, pedicel, postpedicel) 7 6 Thoracic vittae orange to dark brown (markings often diffuse); pedicel dark brown, postpedicel blackish brown; artistal plumosity rather sparse P.