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1. plural.
2. plurality.
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Such processes challenge both the notion of an essential or omniscient PLUR ethos and the extent of the radical creativity or 'alternative' aesthetic within EDM clubsd That longstanding exclusionary trends are evident in Manchester, a city at the heart of the UK rave and post-rave EDM scenes, with a renowned diversity of specialist dance genres, is all the more striking.
All of this, of course, departs significantly from the earlier inclusionary PLUR ethos of rave culture, returning instead to 1970s and early-1980s notions of the nightclub as an exclusive space in which glamorous high spenders and consumer elites displayed their affluence and influence.
d) Of course, the utopian PLUR image has long been challenged by first-hand, behind the scenes autobiographies by such protagonists, particularly in relation to penetration of the security landscape by organised crime, see, for example: Anthony, W.
Whether this construct of a freely 'virtualised audience' is successful, or can be so defined through the rhetoric of absented control, is highly contestable--much like the raver rhetoric of PLUR, or the liberative potential of the hypertextual Internet with which Gallois associates virtualisation.
For those who haven't already heard, PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.
PLUR and related ideals associated with "expanding the mind" and "breaking down barriers") can be operationalized in everyday life.
The PLUR philosophy manifested itself in various ways at raves that I attended.
hem ra'u otamyosvim sam 'they saw them sit(ting): PLUR there', hu sama ota medaber-et 'he heard her talk(ing):FEM'; (c) in non-finite adverbial clauses expressing attendant circumstances, e.
6) anasim mi-teva ha-dvarim Osonim ze mi-ze] people from (the) nature (of) things (are) different this (one) from that (one) ka'aser boxanim hitnahaguyot sel anasim sonim ba-xevra] when examine: PR, PLUR behaviors of different people in society nitan lehavxin be-ma'arexet sel interakciyot beyn-isiiyot] 0 possible to-distinguish (a) system of inter-personal interactions ha-meviot liydey bituy et ha-soni beyn ha-pratim ba-xevra that-lead: PR, FEM, PLUR to expression of the-difference between persons in-society tox yisum sel ha-ndividual ve-netiyotav ba-sviva] through application of the-individual and-his tendencies in-the-environment
7) Hebrew: stey pradot halxu ba-derex 'two mules went=walked: PAST on-the-way' nos 'ot masa al gaban 'bear(ing): benoni, FEM, PLUR (a) load on their backs' Spanish: Caminaban dos mulas 'walked: IMPFV, PLUR two mules' llevando su carga 'carrying: PRTC their load'
This rule is not without exceptions, however, as shown by a compound such as pygmee + en + yolk, `pygmy + PLUR + people', `pygmy people'.
For instance, the diminutive suffix -je is always followed by the linking -s- in compounds (plaat + je + s + boek, picture + DIMUNITIVE + PLUR + book, `small pictures book').