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Noun1.pluralisation - the act of pluralizing or attributing plurality to
inflection, inflexion - a change in the form of a word (usually by adding a suffix) to indicate a change in its grammatical function
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PULMOBRANCHIATE has BARIUM, BOHRIUM, BROMINE, CARBON, CERIUM, COBALT, ERBIUM, HELIUM, IRON, NOBELIUM, PLATINUM, RHENIUM, TERBIUM, THORIUM and TIN Once again, simple pluralisation by the addition of an S generates an additional three elements, for this 18-element 16-letter solution:
Between concentration and pluralisation: The West German press in the 1970s (Doctoral dissertation).
Ivanic et al.'s (2009) study addressed the 'pluralisation of literacy practices and the possibilities they have for pedagogic practices' (p.21).
Concurrently with this process of rationalisation follows a pluralisation of forms of life which shatters previous taken-for-granted meanings and truths.
First, there is "the prioritisation of crime and the intensification and pluralisation of punishment," where we have seen increasing "selective incapacitation" and "selective rehabilitation" (Downes and Van Swaaningen, 2007).
Whereas the increased complexity of problems accelerated the division of labour and a specialisation of knowledge, the pluralisation of society required of democratic institutions to be more responsive to value-differences and conflicts (De Swaan, 2004).
Gromme F (2012) Surveillance in the supermarket: technology and the pluralisation of crime control.
Not just interested in traditional demarcations of art, the pluralisation opened up discussions as to whether new media, such as television, might be included in a contemporary understanding of artistic practice.