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That perhaps it was a little indecent that the principal registrar of all, whose duty it was to find the public, constantly resorting to this place, all needful accommodation, should be an enormous sinecurist in virtue of that post (and might be, besides, a clergyman, a pluralist, the holder of a staff in a cathedral, and what not), - while the public was put to the inconvenience of which we had a specimen every afternoon when the office was busy, and which we knew to be quite monstrous.
Adolphus Irwine, Rector of Broxton, Vicar of Hayslope, and Vicar of Blythe, a pluralist at whom the severest Church reformer would have found it difficult to look sour.
A pen-stroke might demolish his civilian epaulets, his place at court, his sinecure, his two offices and their advantages; in all, six salaries retained under fire of the law against pluralists.
I request the people of Pakistan, especially of Chitral, to say no to sectarianism and build a pluralist society.
com)-- The Pluralist is a social enterprise disrupting the watch industry.
Or are they referring merely to a pluralist culture of the type best illustrated by the immigrant societies of America?
FOLLOWING the unfortunate remarks made by Councillor Glen Williams that he doesn't believe in multiculturalism and thinks immigrants should 'integrate' I would like to point out that integration doesn't mean people have to assimilate and abandon their culture and heritage but that we all accept democratic and pluralist values and universal human rights.
5) Pluralism scholar William Connolly has, however, provided a workable designation of a pluralist as one who cherishes and engages cultural and religious diversity along their multilayered dimensions.
Between 2012 and 2015 I co-founded and ran The Pluralist Party as an experiment.
Levy, a professor of political theory at McGill University, calls the two opposing strains within liberalism "rationalism" and "pluralism" One goal of his book is to restore prominence to the pluralist strain because "rationalist liberalism is most easily and most often mistaken for the whole of liberal political philosophy and the arguments in favor of pluralism are generally underdeveloped and unfamiliar in contemporary theory.
McFadden said: "He has talked of an open, pluralist kind of politics but a reshuffle for that reason could end looking more petty and divisive than open and pluralist politics.
Pinotti also shed light on the key role played by the National Dialogue Quartet and its major contribution to upholding the principles of pluralist democracy in Tunisia at a time when such tenets collapsed against the backdrop of violence, conflicts and wars.