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1. Of or relating to social or philosophical pluralism.
2. Having multiple aspects or parts: "the idea that intelligence is a pluralistic quality that ... varies in many dimensions among individuals" (Richard A. Knox).

plu′ral·is′ti·cal·ly adv.


from a pluralistic point of view
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This was a complex reality, articulated in a myriad of political, economic, and cultural experiences, conditioned pluralistically by civil and political conflicts, which resulted in a polyarchy dictated by the actions of individuals and of the community more or less grand, more or less influential, but nonetheless determined to define the future political, economic, and cultural order of the old Continent.
Such a pluralistically constituted and constantly evolving common culture both unites them and gives them secure spaces for growth.
There are several ways that the relationship between the psychological and spiritual dimensions can be formulated: pluralistically, monastically, and holistically.
35) Clearly, these Baptists envisioned America pluralistically, a republic with moral foundations but with rooms for people of all faiths and those with no faith.
Whether the world is defined pluralistically or otherwise, the people remain the primary reality for our theological thinking.
As efforts to define `security' more broadly continue, as it is recognized that `core Canadian values' must be defined pluralistically (by Canadians themselves), and as a diversity of processes for conducting foreign policy becomes more widely accepted, initiatives in the north can show the way forward.
Here we feast or pick, as the case may be, at the smorgasbord of world-views pluralistically spread before us.
The work is conditionally driven and pluralistically authored in a highly collaborative environment.
They can keep it, as long as it is democratically and pluralistically informed.