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1. Of or relating to social or philosophical pluralism.
2. Having multiple aspects or parts: "the idea that intelligence is a pluralistic quality that ... varies in many dimensions among individuals" (Richard A. Knox).

plu′ral·is′ti·cal·ly adv.


from a pluralistic point of view
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Brought back to coincide with a moment of peak cynicism about the fixing of elections and state aversion to real reform, Muller, as Wood shows, changed his text in subtle but important ways, for example by revising the stage directions in order to render once individual voices into a chorus--creating a pluralistically inconsistent yet communal voice.
With this in mind, I read Dictee alongside dance and performance theory in order to identify the transmedial implications of the work's uniquely and pluralistically enacted transnational present(s).
It reflects both the exclusive and the inclusive, more pluralistically affirming elements (see Dominus Iesus, nos.
According to passages from Richard Bernstein's 1988 presidential address, (25) quoted this morning by Henning, (26) over the years this society has addressed this and other topics pluralistically.
can be framed pluralistically and indexed to cultures and communities.
On the other hand, after mingling with the art lovers and visitors to the 2015 Fair, one would be forgiven for questioning whether contemporary art in places such as Cape Town is pluralistically diverse and inclusive.
On the other hand, from mingling with the art lovers and visitors to the Guild's 2015 fair, anyone would be forgiven for wondering if contemporary art, in places such as Cape Town, is pluralistically diverse and inclusive.
There are bad administrators resisting this," she said, adding that the real problem in Turkey is administrators who do not think sufficiently democratically, pluralistically and in favor of the people.
Even if that were the case (which is contestable in light of the underlying facts), the "subsidy in question takes the form of a generally available resource in a pluralistically oriented limited public forum.
The authors argue that contemporary work demonstrates political and philosophical attitudes pluralistically, confounding existing narratives of the origin and history of Palestinian art.
The other thing about students today is they're very pluralistically inclined.
O]ur study is meaningful only when it treats the existing non-Western law as a whole which is pluralistically constructed of not only state law but other kinds of official law such as religious law or tribal law, and furthermore, unofficial law in various forms, whether supporting or conflicting with official law.