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v. plu·ral·ized, plu·ral·iz·ing, plu·ral·iz·es
1. To make plural.
2. Grammar To express in the plural.
1. To become plural.
2. Ecclesiastical To hold more than one position or benefice at one time.

plu′ral·i·za′tion (plo͝or′ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Noun1.pluralization - the act of pluralizing or attributing plurality to
inflection, inflexion - a change in the form of a word (usually by adding a suffix) to indicate a change in its grammatical function
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In this textbook, the author introduces policing in the UK and explains its definition; the historical origins and development of the police in England and Wales; the legal framework for police powers; police accountability and culture; community and global and transnational policing; policing diversity; criminal investigation; pluralization in policing and the role of the private sector and the development of complex networks of agencies involved in crime prevention, patrol work, investigation, and reassurance policing; surveillance and information technology; and the future of policing.
As he notes, rather than a single new paradigm or even rival schools, scholarship at the current moment seems to reflect "the pluralization of approaches, methods, and styles," adding that reducing all this to an interplay of would-be schools is also "limiting" because "hardly anybody willingly declarers] fellowship.
As globalization and the cultural pluralization of societies proceed apace, arguments are advanced for a legal pluralism that would countenance a coexistence of jurisdictional systems for different cultural and religious traditions and accept varieties of institutional design for societies with strong ethnic, cultural and linguistic cleavages.
One subject that has mobilized a lot of, generally acid, argument in Brazil is the tension between the evangelical Christian movements, with their strong participation in politics, and the issues of pluralization of the family, and sexuality, as evidenced by the LGBT militancy and feminism which, now revived and rejuvenated, has re-emerged strongly in recent years, and also in relation to the question of abortion.
Where pluralization of media leads to the loss of an accessible and coherent world, the fantastic writing of Borges--though it may seem paradoxical--leads to the opposite effect, namely, an aesthetic experience of some universal principle, some inconceivable premonition of wholeness.
Since the desire was to do a simple approach and, in particular, not deal with the difficulties in English of parts of speech and pluralization, this set filled the need.
Fernando Kutino, Ntoumi, Yaucat Guendi and Ne Muanda Nsemi are four major politico-religious figures who embody an ideology of Africanity related to complex types of 'magic' and processes of pluralization.
As seen in Table 1 below, misuse of noun pluralization, of quantifier and noun agreement, and of indefinite articles appear as subheadings under grammatical interference; and omission, addition, and misformation of prepositions are the subheadings under prepositional interference.
The Hizmet's potentially valuable contribution stems from the fact that despite its increasing pluralization in terms of the backgrounds of its participants, it is still mainly a practicing Sunni Muslim movement.
The alignment of interests in the structure of the NHS enables both overheated rhetoric and political strength, and that pluralization of provision might actually undermine that alignment over time.
Faria, Lopes and Casaroes (2013, 4), in this regard, sustain that "the pluralization of societal and bureaucratic agents with an interest and a stake in Brazil's international politics come up, therefore, as the most sensitive exogenous movements against the alleged monopoly Itamaraty enjoys over foreign policy-making".
44), Dussel (Peters, 2005) as figures with whom he has affinities and intellectual debts merely indicates the broad scope of his own pluralization of philosophical engagement rather than exhaust it.