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A fabric of silk, rayon, cotton, or other material, having a thick deep pile.
adj. plush·er, plush·est
1. Made of or covered with plush.
2. Luxurious.

[French pluche, variant of peluche, from pelucher, to become fluffy, shed, from Old French peluchier, to pluck, probably from Vulgar Latin *piluccāre; see pluck.]

plush′ly adv.
plush′ness n.
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advnobel, elegant; a plushly appointed room in an exclusive clubein elegant ausgestatteter Raum in einem exklusiven Klub
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Inside, it's plushly finished in leather with heated seats front and rear.
The CR-V Hybrid is priced from PS29,105 for a two-wheel drive in S trim and tops out at PS37,255 for the plushly equipped EX with all-wheel drive.
- Quality riding comfort owing to plushly padded, flat seats and an optimized framework allows passengers to move sideways more easily.
Without the extra seats there's more than 550 litres of room and while the interior is perhaps not as plushly finished off as some German-made rivals, the plastic surrounds, door handles and the like have a much more softer feel to them than in the previous edition.
Across the river was the high rise skyline of the Maadi Corniche, while on our western bank the gardens of the bold and beautiful ran plushly down to the river.
The celebrity-sized master suite is complete with a sitting area, glass sliders leading to a private balcony, a custom-fitted walk-in closet, and a plushly outfitted--if unfortunately completely carpeted--bathroom with a two-person jetted tub set into a raised platform.
Three rows of almost sofa-like seats plushly accommodate seven, and the interior is drenched in premium leather and wood.
To mark that place in rail nostalgia, Brussels has opened a state-of-the art train museum, reachable through a plushly renovated 19th-century train station in the EU capital's working-class north.
Despite the plushly kitted out, taverna-style restaurant's excellent location, the two of us enjoyed a steak meal with wine for under [euro]80.
Princess Despite the plushly kitted out, taverna-style restaurant's excellent location, the two of us enjoyed a steak meal with wine for under [euro]80.
The long, plushly carpeted room, painted a serene blue and cream, separated me from her.