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n. pl. plu·ti·nos
A trans-Neptunian Kuiper belt object that orbits the Sun in the same time period as Pluto, making exactly two orbits for every three orbits of Neptune.

[Plut(o) + -ino, diminutive suff. (as in neutrino).]
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Heather Plutino, group vice president of finance and treasurer, has been elevated to the company's senior leadership team.
Stando a quanto afferma Lodovico Manzi nell'articolo I senatori Agostino e Antonino Plutino profughi a Malta nella rivoluzione del 1847 a Reggio Calabria (1932), Settembrini era a Malta alia fine del 1847, e fu presente a un pranzo dato in onore dei fuggiaschi.
Como base nessas diretrizes, mapas de zoneamento acustico vem sendo elaborados para o territorio de cidades europeias, com a representacao da distribuicao geografica de padroes limite de nivel sonoro, visando o enquadramento futuro das areas em uma condicao desejada (MATEOS, VILLALTA e ALBA, 2012; KING, MURPHY e RICE, 2011; DIAZ et al., 2010; MURPHY e KING, 2010; KING e RICE, 2009; PICCOLO, PLUTINO e CANNISTRARO, 2005).
It may never qualify for full planet status in the eyes of the International Astronomical Union (IAU), because it's smaller than Pluto, and the IAU has scandalously down-graded Pluto to a mere plutino.
Chapters show how energetic particles first organized into atoms, then molecular clouds (the star factories), then protoplanetary disks and eventually the diverse residents of our planetary neighborhood including asteroids, Pluto and its plutino neighbors.
To stud at 4 years and dam of: Plutino (1999g by Pelder; unraced), Rossonero (2000 g by Pelder; unraced), Androide (2001 g by Pelder; placed), Doctor Dino (2002 c by Muhtathir; Gr1 winner), Isaure (2004 f by Daliapour; unraced), unnamed (2005 f by Muhtathir; unraced to date).
In connection with these changes, Heather Plutino has been appointed group vice president of finance and treasurer of Sally Beauty Holdings.
It had been run for the past two years by Dominic Plutino and in 2011, was voted the best place on Teesside to buy a parmo.
At least it's the leading "plutino": a Kuiper Belt object stuck in a 2:3 orbital resonance with Neptune.