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n. pl. plu·toc·ra·cies
1. Government by the wealthy.
2. A wealthy class that controls a government.
3. A government or state in which the wealthy rule.

[Greek ploutokratiā : ploutos, wealth; see pleu- in Indo-European roots + -kratiā, -cracy.]

plu′to·crat′ (plo͞o′tə-krăt′) n.
plu′to·crat′ic, plu′to·crat′i·cal adj.
plu′to·crat′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.plutocratic - of or relating to or characteristic of a plutocrat
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[ˌpluːtəʊˈkrætɪk] ADJplutocrático
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His calculation of the membership of these divisions by occupation, from the United States Census of 1900, is as follows: Plutocratic class, 250,251; Middle class, 8,429,845; and Proletariat class, 20,393,137.
Considering Ryan's legacy is a failed vice presidential bid, a failed budget proposal, a failed healthcare reform effort, a ceded House majority, and charmlessly plutocratic tax reform, I think we can deal with a fresh approach.
Like India, they are not really democracies; they are corporate, praetorian, or plutocratic systems in which elected representatives and cabinets represent establishment and elite institutional interests that facilitate and finance their electoral campaigns.
The most interesting member of that plutocratic quartet is surely Perot.
with Trump's plutocratic authoritarian administration, the polarized Republic Party moved further to the right and put their emphasis on tax cuts for the rich.
Shutdown coverage centered early on federal employees taking on part-time jobs, struggling to access or finding themselves denied unemployment benefits, etc.; plutocratic leaders attempting--unsuccessfully--to identify with the workers' financial plight.
Despite his plutocratic background, ZA Bhutto was able to project himself as a leader, whose mission was to empower the poor masses, who had been enslaved by the wealthy class.
He might talk the populist talk, but he'd walk the plutocratic walk.
Allegedly it was owned by a coterie of plutocratic lawyers that wanted somewhere to take their wealthy clients and give the impression that Nicosia was populated only by the rich and even richer.
The British, Austrian-born writer, who all his life has been pro-American, wrote of the widely held belief that once America "stood for something so attractive that it seemed to be 'ours.'" But today that assumption is being gravely undermined; in Donald Trump, Wolf sees a politics of "pluto-populism," essentially a plutocratic system of "relentless and systematic devotion to the interests of the rich" combined with a populism that offers the "nationalism and protectionism wanted by the Republican base."
A new America, split up into thirteen separate commonwealths, has abandoned its democratic tenet and now become a fascist police-state led by a plutocratic political system.
Most of the customers lining up here are getting it to go: probably to eat in their mansions at Dasmarinas or Forbes Park, given the plutocratic prices this restaurant charges.