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Noun1.plyboard - a laminate made of thin layers of woodplyboard - a laminate made of thin layers of wood
laminate - a sheet of material made by bonding two or more sheets or layers
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Before I get a new carpet fitted I want to cover the whole area with plyboard.
iii) Labor charge for Repair structure of Laboratory by replacing of plyboard partition by aluminum and glass partition, doors, windows, damaged cupboard of chemicals arrangement, repair flooring etc.
The enlarged replica acrylic on plyboard was hung on a wall of our cafe, perhaps as a reminder to all of us college-boy incorporators that it was a fool scheme we had embarked upon.
World-class bamboo furniture like lamp shades, picture frames and bamboo plyboard are now exported to other countries.
What's the best paint to use on the plyboard ceiling?
Stud bays were closed in order to block the participant's view with a combination of cardboard and plyboard or drywall (Fig.
40 mm sheet was used in some of the bunkhouses; a 6 mm thick plywood wall specified was replaced with a thinner 3/16; instead of a 3/4 plywood for flooring, a 1/2 plyboard was employed.
Spread out on plyboard tables, black trays held thousands of germinated seeds, each labeled with a special code that only Kim could decipher.
The spark immediately blazed into a fire, which was aided by the already weathered plyboard used as the outer and dividing walls between the two bedrooms and the bathroom, situated in a single file next to one another.
Its superb composition contains, among other elements, a real saxophone, flute, and a reconstructed washboard on a blue plyboard background.
An Indian wood and plyboard manufacturer that recently entered the coal trades is looking to invest up to $200m to build a fleet of bulkers to take advantage of booming coal transport in the subcontinent.
Even behind the Blankety Blank plyboard desk, it was obvious that those undulating curves had long disappeared.