pneumatic hammer

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Noun1.pneumatic hammer - a hammer driven by compressed airpneumatic hammer - a hammer driven by compressed air  
power hammer, hammer - a power tool for drilling rocks
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Starting the pneumatic hammer mallet is carried out with compressed air from the compressor which is a constituent part of the hammer.
frequently utilizes a pneumatic hammer for installing large diameter conductor barrels at the entry and/or exit approaches of an HDD crossing when problematic soil conditions or other operational challenges need to be addressed, said Neil Smith, senior vice president.
The two men were working with engineers to try out tools that might be used, like a pneumatic hammer, as well as the type of spacesuit that might be worn on the asteroid.
The excavatability of rocks was determined to he 'easy ripping' and, as the orientation-independent stability analysis suggests, the pneumatic hammer method is recommended as the means of excavation.
SERIOUS DIY requires seriously good power tools, and the Stanley FatMax SDS Plus Pneumatic Hammer Drill (PS129.99, Argos) is exactly that.
And so, 18 months after a co-workerAAEs pneumatic hammer drove a 2 A'-inch stainless-steel nail into Ray LagueAAEs skullAuAothe plunger of the gun brushed my hat and dischargedAoAuthe once-thriving contractor took his place among the prospectors lining the steep banks of the South Fork of the Stanislaus River, 40 miles west of Yosemite National Park.
Weighing 1.1 kilos and no bigger than an A5 sheet of paper, this compact power-pack makes light work of screwdriving, hammering and drilling - even through concrete - thanks to its pneumatic hammer mechanism and lithium-ion battery.
It doesn't fire nails, but rather operates like a pneumatic hammer to drive conventional nails with a repetitive series of blows.
A pneumatic hammer is attached to the rear of the casing or pipe.
But when you're there and see it for yourself, as I did, when you realise how much you have in common with people, it hits you like a pneumatic hammer.