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n. neumatocele;
hernia de tejido pulmonar;
saco o tumor que contiene gas.
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The primary effects are atelectasis, increase of inflammatory cells, lipoid pneumonia, and loss of effectiveness of lung surfactant, [15] while the secondary effects are pneumothorax, pneumatocele or broncho plural fistula.
Since he was not improving on HFOV, a size 12 gauge percutaneous intercostal chest drain (ICD) was inserted to evacuate the posteriorly located right sided pneumatocele which was demonstrated by the lateral chest radiograph.
Secondary bacterial, mycotic or tubercular infection of congenital cysts may produce lung abscess or pneumatocele with loculated pleural effusion.
An unusual case of traumatic pneumatocele in a nine-year-old girl: a bronchial tear with clear bronchial laceration.
Atraves deste, foi possivel a determinacao do diagnostico da area radiotransparente identificada ao exame radiografico, sendo constatada uma bronquiectasia, e nao uma area cistica ou uma pneumatocele, alteracoes consideradas diagnosticos diferenciais para esse achado radiografico.
Persistent chest radiographic abnormalities, defined as effusion, pneumatocele, or abscess, were noted in 24 (29%) of 82 patients at 1 month and 3 (4.
Tumors that erode the supraorbital plate and dura mater may cause cerebrospinal fluid leakage, pneumatocele, meningitis, or cerebral abscess.
Differential diagnostic considerations vary based on the time of imaging and include pneumothorax, pneumatocele, atelectasis, or hypoplasia of the lung with hyperinflation of the contralateral lung, diaphragmatic hernia, and congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation.
A CT angiogram done to rule out pulmonary embolus revealed a new pneumatocele in the left upper lobe with multiloculation, bronchiectasis in an upper lobe predominance, ground glass lung posteriorly in the right lung, and a three-pronged cluster of soft tissue mass in the superior aspect of the right lower lobe.
Other terms for this condition include pneumatocele glandulae parotis, [1] wind parotitis, [2] surgical mumps and anesthesia mumps, [3] and pneumosialadenitis.
3,5-11) Autosomal-dominant JS shows characteristic immunologic features including recurrent cutaneous and pulmonary staphylococcal infections often with abscess and pneumatocele formation, candidiasis and other fungal infections, eczema, and elevated IgE (>2,000 IU/ml) with eosinophilia.
PLUS at least 2 serial chest radiographs showing new or progressive infiltrates, consolidation, cavitation or pneumatocele.