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n. neumatocele;
hernia de tejido pulmonar;
saco o tumor que contiene gas.
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A pneumonia estafilococica no adulto pode ser desencadeada apos infeccao viral por Influenza ou por disseminacao hematogenica do estafilococo em decorrencia de bacteremias, sepse, endocardite, entre outras condicoes, levando a um quadro radiologico diversos como condensacoes isoladas ou multiplas, com tendencia a cavitacoes ou formacao de pneumatocele uni ou bilateral.
Since then, additional features of HIES have been recognized and it has since been regarded as a multisystem disorder characterized by chronic eczema, recurrent staphylococcal skin and lungs infections, pneumatocele formation, candidiasis, retained primary teeth, joint hyperextensibility, low bone density with bone fractures, scoliosis, and craniosynostosis [4, 5].
Traumatic pneumatocele.," American Journal of Roentgenology, vol.
The primary effects are atelectasis, increase of inflammatory cells, lipoid pneumonia, and loss of effectiveness of lung surfactant, [15] while the secondary effects are pneumothorax, pneumatocele or broncho plural fistula.
Previous case reports and series have described late-presenting CDH as being misdiagnosed as a pleural effusion, pneumonia, pneumothorax, pneumatocele, and abscess [2, 4].
(ii) Pneumatocele. Pneumatoceles are usually transient cysts resulting from an inflammatory process that causes central necrosis with subsequent retraction by surrounding pulmonary tissue.
Since he was not improving on HFOV, a size 12 gauge percutaneous intercostal chest drain (ICD) was inserted to evacuate the posteriorly located right sided pneumatocele which was demonstrated by the lateral chest radiograph.
Secondary bacterial, mycotic or tubercular infection of congenital cysts may produce lung abscess or pneumatocele with loculated pleural effusion.^]
Lung laceration refers to a traumatic disruption of alveolar spaces with cavity formation filled with blood (hematoma), air (pneumatocele), or, more frequently, a combination of both (hemato-pneumatocele) (Figure 3) [7, 15].
Atraves deste, foi possivel a determinacao do diagnostico da area radiotransparente identificada ao exame radiografico, sendo constatada uma bronquiectasia, e nao uma area cistica ou uma pneumatocele, alteracoes consideradas diagnosticos diferenciais para esse achado radiografico.
The barotrauma consisted of five pneumomediastina (three occurring after the commencement of HFOV), 11 pneumothoraces (six after the commencement of HFOV) and one other barotrauma (pneumatocele) Occurring after commencement of HFOV.