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Noun1.pneumocytosis - pneumonia occurring in infants or in persons with impaired immune systems (as AIDS victims)
pneumonia - respiratory disease characterized by inflammation of the lung parenchyma (excluding the bronchi) with congestion caused by viruses or bacteria or irritants
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In a study (25) of 86 patients with cancer who died in an oncologic intensive care unit, 22 (26%) had major, missed diagnoses, including 17 opportunistic infections, such as vancomycin-resistant enterococcal pneumonia, Legionella pneumonia, pneumocytosis, aspergillosis, Candida empyema, herpes encephalitis, and disseminated toxoplasmosis.
Molluscum contagiosum lesions may simulate more serious infections, such as cutaneous pneumocytosis, histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis, and should be confirmed by biopsy.