po' boy

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or po' boy or po-boy  (pō′boi′)
A sandwich originating in New Orleans consisting of meat or seafood, such as roast beef or fried oysters, and often lettuce, tomatoes, and condiments, served on French bread.

[Probably from poor + boy (perhaps in reference to the free sandwiches given to striking streetcar workers (considered "poor boys") by the Martin Brothers Coffee Stand during a transit strike in New Orleans in 1929), or perhaps from folk-etymological alteration of French pourboire, pourboire (said to have been used in New Orleans also in the sense "alms given to beggars," and then applied in English to the sandwiches distributed by nuns as alms); see pourboire in Indo-European roots.]

po' boy

(ˈpəʊˌbɔɪ) or


a baguette filled with fried meat or seafood
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Joining the cafe's extensive list of made-from-scratch items are a Brioche French Toast Bake (with pecan pralines and fruit compote) accompanied by Cajun fries and your choice of meat; a Short Rib Po' Boy (topped with home-made slaw and Tabasco onions); Fried Mac & Cheese Balls (with bacon); a Blackened Catfish Platter; Chicken & Shrimp Gumbo; Gumbo Fries; Beignets (all day long) and an abundant choice of fresh omelets.
Most people agree that the po' boy made its way to Mississippi from New Orleans.
has tried to make his own shrimp po' boy sandwiches in Oregon, but there's no taste like home.
e recipe I came up with is an extrapolation of the famous seafood po' boy sandwich of the southern US.
The duo will also be putting their own twist on a Louisiana classic, the Po' Boy.
For a bigger meal, make sure to try a Po' boy, an overstuffed sandwich served on French bread, gulf oysters, boiled crawfish, jambalaya, and gumbo.
While thete's diversity a-plenty on Big Fatty's menu, the focus is decidedly Southern, from the slow-cooked, spice-rubbed pork loin to the hefty po' boy sandwiches.
And after weeks of hearing about food from our response teams down in the Gulf, I can tell you that our staff is excited about the 30-foot po' boy we're serving at lunch today.
Any po' boy who has a 12V electrical system can easily have running water in the house.
Kenneth Lin's Po' Boy Tango, directed in this workshop by Chay Yew, is a crushingly quiet play, especially in the hands of actor Nelson Mashita, whose Richie Po says a great deal more with averted eyes and hands than he does in dialogue.
This is the real deal, heartfelt and (mostly) happy music, tasty as an alligator po' boy.
Area chefs joined in opening week to prepare po' boy sandwiches all day for a $25 donation.