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poach 1

tr.v. poached, poach·ing, poach·es
To cook in a boiling or simmering liquid: Poach the fish in wine.

[Back-formation from Middle English poched, poached, from poche, dish of poached eggs, from Old French, from past participle of pochier, to poach eggs, from poche, pocket, bag (from the appearance of poached eggs, in which the yolk is enclosed by the white), of Germanic origin.]

poach′a·ble adj.

poach 2

v. poached, poach·ing, poach·es
1. To take fish or game illegally, especially by trespassing on another's property.
a. To take or appropriate something unfairly or illegally.
b. To encroach on another person's rights or responsibilities: felt the guys in accounting were poaching on his turf.
c. Sports To play a ball out of turn or in another's territory, as in doubles tennis.
3. To become muddy or broken up from being trampled. Used of land.
4. To sink into soft earth when walking.
1. To take (fish or game) illegally, especially by trespassing on another's property.
a. To take or appropriate unfairly or illegally: poaching another firm's best employees.
b. Sports To play (a ball) out of turn or in another's territory.
3. To make (land) muddy or broken up by trampling.

[Early Modern English poche, poach, to poke, probe, intrude, poach (game), from Middle French pocher, to poke (in the eye), from Old French pochier, to poke, gouge, from poche, bag, pouch (from the resemblance of an empty eye socket to a pouch), of Germanic origin; akin to Old North French poke; see poke3.]

poach′a·ble adj.
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(Cookery) cooked gently in boiling water, milk, or other liquid
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Adj.1.poached - cooked in hot water
cooked - having been prepared for eating by the application of heat
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jemně povařenýupytlačenýztracené
grebet i krybskytteripocheret
haudutettusalaa pyydystetty
밀렵한서서히 끓인
olovligen fångadpocherad
bị săn trộmninh


[pəʊtʃt] ADJ [egg] → escalfado; [fish etc] → hervido
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[ˈpəʊtʃt] adj [fish, fruit] → poché(e)poached egg nœuf m poché
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(pəutʃ) verb
to cook (eg an egg without its shell, a fish etc) in boiling liquid, especially water or milk.
poached adjective
a poached egg.
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مَسْلوق, مَطْهُو فِي مَاءٍ أَوْ سَائِلٌ مَغْلِيّ jemně povařený, upytlačený grebet i krybskytteri, pocheret gewildert, pochiert λαθροθηρικός, ποσέ cocido a fuego lento, escalfado, furtivo haudutettu, salaa pyydystetty braconné, poché krivolovljen, poširan cacciato di frodo, in camicia ポーチした, 密漁した 밀렵한, 서서히 끓인 gepocheerd, gestroopt posjert, tyvfanget ugotowany caçado ilegalmente, escaldado, escalfado пойманный браконьерским образом, приготовленный на медленном огне olovligen fångad, pocherad เคี่ยวอาหาร, รุกล้ำ haşlanmış, kaçak avlanmış bị săn trộm, ninh 偷猎的, 水煮的
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It had been invented by man to scare woman away when she poached too nearly upon his precious preserves.
His theory was fixed around corned-beef hash with poached egg.
But of all the picture's admirers who stood before it, I believe I was the only one who longed for Boadicea to stalk from her frame, bringing me corned-beef hash with poached egg.
She was sorry Anne was going away, of course, but was that any reason why she should fail to appreciate a poached egg on toast?
Dr Mahathir said the Malaysian authorities have taken action against the foreign fishermen who poached in Malaysian waters but this has not fully resolved the issue of poaching because the Malaysian fishermen must also play their role.
EWB last year said it had identified nearly 90 elephants thought to have been poached after an aerial survey, a number that was vigorously contested by the government.
The issue of poaching is not exclusive to public millers only, even our contracted cane is poached," he said.
Speaking to journalists in Kasane recently, National Anti-Poaching Committee (NACP) chairperson, Brigadier Simon Barwabatsile explained that the annual national average of poached elephants was about 80 from hundreds thousands of elephants that roam the wilderness in this country.
Patridges are another species that are poached in the Salt Range.
In 2017 alone, 1,028 rhinos were poached in South Africa, many inside Kruger National Park.