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or po-boy or po'boy  (pō′boi′)
n. Gulf Coast US
Variants of poor boy.
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Lynord Joiner, owner of Poboy's restaurant in Springfield, is a former federal prisoner.
Toyota shows readers just how compelling vegan food can be with recipes like Southern Fried Cauliflower, Oyster Mushroom PoBoy and Raspbeny Funfetfi Pop Tarts.
'Cucina Idol' grand winner Kimberly Solejon showcased Knorr Salted Egg Poboy on charcoal buns, and Five Spice Pork Belly in Knorr Rock Sugar Honey Glaze and fennel-scented barley.
Some of the delicious additions made to the new menu are Pork Ribs, Assorted Hummus platter, Carribean Black Bean Burger, Grilled Chicken with Lemon Caper sauce, Grilled Ratatouille - a roasted mix of exotic vegetables cubed & tossed with oregano, BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken, Poboy sandwich and Fish O' Fillet amongst others.
Fillets are probably more appropriate as an entree; fingers work well as appetizers or in poboy style sandwiches.
He distanced himself from the action by leaning against a poboy shop, allowing coveted beads to flop on the sidewalk, then coolly observed as the rest of the spectators launched themselves into a roiling heap at his feet.