pocket book

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1. A purse; a handbag.
2. A pocket-sized folder or case used to hold money and papers; a billfold.
3. Financial resources; money supply: prices to fit your pocketbook.
4. often pocket book A pocket-sized, usually paperbound book. Also called pocket edition.
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Noun1.pocket book - pocket-sized paperback bookpocket book - pocket-sized paperback book    
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The Pocket Book was an aide-memoire for the leader and focused mainly on camp routine and how to organize and manage your men.
The Pocket Book strategy was a planned intervention into the cultural and pedagogic realities of the students and teachers in the Maningrida community.
Pocket Book of Hospital Care for Children: Guidelines for the Management of Common Illnesses with Limited Resources provides a second edition of a classic covering common illnesses, packages it in a pocket-sized tote for easy take-along consultation, and provides the latest clinical guidelines based on a review of evidence for both inpatient and outpatient care.
Full colour throughout, The Pocket Book Of Newcastle crams it all in - the great players, the greatest goals, the legendary managers, tactics, the history of the strip, the honours, the European campaigns and the most memorable matches.
The Pocket Book Of Patriotism is a curiously moving little work, full of quotes that stop you in your tracks, such as these words before the section devoted to the Second World War.
Mark Lately, of Pocket Book publisher NTC, said: "A lot more people now drink wine regularly.
Instead he had to be put down, as did both Hot Runner and Pocket Book.
The mode of operation is learned by practice in Prison, where the convicts steal from each other, and where they practise the art by way of experiment merely, and where instances have occurred of success in stealing the pocket books of visitors.
With the assistance of Pailsey Woodside, Deb Butler has compiled a small 125-page pocket book of personal observations, journal commentaries, and poetry that helped her to deal with the tragic loss of her son.
In finance, what you don't know can hurt in the pocket book -- which is the reason Rodney Johnson, president of HS Dent Publishing and HS Dent Investment Management started teaching a seminar to help savvy investors learn how to use demographic information to explain historical economic events and to forecast future changes.
Stanley Roberts is gone, but the Clippers are feeling his large presence - in the pocket book.
The pocket book guide is presented in question and answer format and covers 400 frequently asked questions about the conduct of clinical trials.