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Noun1.pocket calculator - a calculator small enough to hold in the hand or carry in a pocketpocket calculator - a calculator small enough to hold in the hand or carry in a pocket
calculating machine, calculator - a small machine that is used for mathematical calculations
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In short, they have given me a laptop computer and mobile phone, which also takes pictures and doubles as a pocket calculator.
After that, I thought we'd need a pocket calculator, but we decided to practise our pre-season friendly routine and saunter through the game with the PAUL DIXON has been following Newcastle for more than 35 years, 16 of which have been as a season ticket holder in the Gallowgate End at St James' Park.
Thomsett's The Stock Investor's Pocket Calculator (0814474608, $17.
With this latest development, the company is said to have broadened its product portfolio after the successful market introduction of its Curie-Point-Pyrolyser, PTR-MS, FT-ICR-MS, MALDI-TOF-MS, E-Nose and the chemistry pocket calculator.
Stone & Adler's work for Hewlett-Packard to introduce the pocket calculator in the 1970s was acclaimed as the DM success of that decade.
He introduced viewers to inventions including the electron microscope, the breathalyser and the pocket calculator.
Kilby later co-invented the pocket calculator, which replaced those huge desktop machines that seemed to require their operators to wear visors.
Last year Sir Clive, who during the 1980s made millions after inventing the world's first pocket calculator and pioneering the market for cheap home computers, launched his latest invention, a foldaway bicycle.
I can still remember the huge impact the pocket calculator had on science classes.
When you go for a Chinese meal always take with you a measuring tape, a pocket calculator, a table of values of the coefficient of kinetic friction for various food types and a spring balance to measure the weight of each mouthful.
You give your friend a pocket calculator and ask him to push the "off" button to clear it and then to push the "on" button.
That process is slow, however, so the new fuel cell generates just enough electricity to run a pocket calculator.