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Noun1.pocket comb - a small comb suitable for carrying in a pocketpocket comb - a small comb suitable for carrying in a pocket
comb - a flat device with narrow pointed teeth on one edge; disentangles or arranges hair
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I even like my old pocket comb. I told my wife I didn't even want a new woman (she laughed ...
Rather, it was the water cooler around which they would swap "war stories"--how they fixed a Model 9200 with nothing but a pocket comb and a rubber band, the time that a family of raccoons had taken up residence inside a Model 7503 and so on.
The Goody Start Style Finish pocket comb (P169.75), and Goody Start Style Volumize and Straighten Brush (P749.75) are perfect for people on the go.
We've been using it to sanitize just about anything that fits into the box: keys, credit cards, pocket comb, loose change, etc.
It fits neatly into a case or overnight bag and features a travel trimmer, a personal trimmer (ears and nostrils), scissors, tweezers, knife/file, tooth brush, pocket comb, cleaning brush and nail clippers.
Somehow my pocket comb got broken between the time I went to my work site and returned that evening to the room I was sharing with Steve Florsheim at a city "pension" (boarding house).
blabbermouthing; Dracula Wolfowitz slavering on his pocket comb;
Wallflower girl couples and the County Fair daisies, roses on their cheeks crack when I go by so my banana bag spills: broken roll-on strawberry gloss, bummed bong, red twelve-toothed pocket comb, thong.