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Noun1.pocket dictionary - a dictionary that is small enough to carry in your pocket
dictionary, lexicon - a reference book containing an alphabetical list of words with information about them
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Sure enough, there was Frieda's reticule, containing her address book, her pocket dictionary, her map of London, and her money.
I've only got a pocket dictionary.) It was dramatic, but in the same way a car crash is dramatic.
The Scottish Government initiative, in partnership with Education Scotland and Scottish BookTrust, will provide a kit containing a reusable water bottle; protractor and rule set; pen, pencil and rubber set; notebook; scientific calculator; pocket dictionary; parent/pupil booklet, and a USB stick.
Milly, Denton Looking for book's owner SOME time ago an English/Dutch pocket dictionary was given to me by a friend, who had purchased it from a car boot sale.
"We added maps, infographics and a pocket dictionary. We wanted to pay homage to an extremely beautiful and grand human and writer.
For the Merriam-Webster Pocket Dictionary the longest three-word through six-word lists are given in the May and August 1972 Word Ways, containing 17, 17, 17 and 15 words.
I packed up my English/French pocket dictionary and went to visit them in their holiday house on a beautiful island o the coast of south-west France, whose charms were lost on me as I struggled to communicate such basic things as "I don't like runny eggs" and "Where do I buy mosquito repellent?".
Stephen Evans's Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics and Philosophy of Religion (InterVarsity 2002).
ADVANCED pocket dictionary with over 190,000 'one-stop' entries, with both synonyms and encyclopaedic material and more than 500,000 potential solutions to cryptic and quick clues.
In this pocket dictionary for general readers, Downing (business and economics, Seattle Pacific U.) et al.
In my 2000 Webster's New Pocket Dictionary, the number two definition of "service" says "governmental wore" As taxpayers, businesses deserve services from their government to help them navigate, understand and comply with our complex laws and rules.
Bethlehem -- PNN - Israeli news house YNetNews.com reported Friday about the publication and spread of a new "pocket dictionary" used to curse Israeli police and other settler foes.