pocket watch

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Noun1.pocket watch - a watch that is carried in a small watch pocketpocket watch - a watch that is carried in a small watch pocket
watch, ticker - a small portable timepiece
kapesní hodinky
relógio de bolso
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Manufacturers of the 1900s constructed watchmaking machines that punched out the parts so pocket watch pieces could be made and assembled inexpensively and affordably.
SO PROUD Cameron with the pocket watch his family donated to the museum.
The Hamilton Pocket Watch Co started its long life way back in 1874.
The pair cased pocket watch given to Charles Manning RN by William IV, sold for PS1,200
Patek Phillipe pocket watch from 1953 made in honour of King Abdul Al Aziz III Ibn Saud, founder of Saudi Arabia
Burglars stole a watch, a pocket watch and cash from an address in Woodside Crescent, Hadston, near Morpeth, Northumberland, after they got into the house through an unlocked back door.
Tom Hardwidge, a British artist has used cast off metal objects, scrap, inactivated shells, old pocket watch parts and other such waste-materials to create some of the most beautiful arthropods we have ever seen.
CAN you tell me how old this Hebdomas pocket watch is and what it would be worth at auction?
It was the only foreign-made pocket watch in his hometown.
is really a pocket watch having finally made its way downstream
In the company of prominent guests, such as Wasfy Wasef, Yousry George and his wife, Mohamed Saad and Amir Ramzy among others, living legend Kurt Klaus showed them how to disassemble and assemble a movement of a mechanical pocket watch.
A GOLD POCKET WATCH that belonged to Abraham Lincoln contains a pro-Union message secretly engraved in April 1861 by a Washington, D.