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Noun1.pocket watch - a watch that is carried in a small watch pocketpocket watch - a watch that is carried in a small watch pocket
watch, ticker - a small portable timepiece
kapesní hodinky
relógio de bolso
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GET ready to don your flat caps and pocket watches because an immersive experience themed around Peaky Blinders is coming to Wales.
Fumbling with cumbersome pocket watches in the cockpit was a non-starter; fighter pilots and other soldiers needed to be able to absorb information at a glance, under trying conditions.
And the look is becoming so popular there's been a rise in the number of three-piece suits, news boy caps and pocket watches being sold in Birmingham, not to mention a demand for undercuts at the barbers.
The Levi Strauss website explained it was originally included for pocket watches - no wrist watches in those days - and was called a watch pocket.
The Arceau Millefiori, meanwhile, marries horology and the art of crystal-making, as Hermes partners with the artisans of its sister company, Cristalleries royales de Saint-Louis, to adorn the dials of its Arceau women's wristwatches and pocket watches.
Modern watchmakers' versions of pocket watches are also popular.
A man's jacket, accompanied by a walking stick, hung inside one of the bedrooms, which also featured a dark wooden chest of drawers, home to a collection of pocket watches.
In fact, some of the most valuable vintage wristwatches include the earliest iterations of complications purpose-built for wristwatches at their smaller scale, instead of those converted from mechanisms for larger pocket watches.
Pocket watches, wristwatches with Tiger's eye and Lapis Lazuli dials, watches with precious stones, watches made specially for rulers in and around the Middle East and much more are on show.
His sparkling display of pocket watches dazzles shoppers, but it has repercussions for Tom, whose new food hall is overshadowed.
AN OAP has had his prized collection of rare limited edition coins and pocket watches stolen from his Birmingham home.
A collection of pocket watches in a display frame were stolen as well as a display bowie knife, a display Webley air pistol and medication including Citalopram, Co-dydramol, Tramadol and a large quantity of prostate, diabetes and bladder medication.