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(pŏk′ĭt-sīzd′) or pock·et·size (-sīz′)
1. Of a size suitable to be carried in a pocket: a pocket-sized radio.
2. Small: "a pocket-sized riot in the Lower House" (Terence Smith).




suitable for fitting in a pocket; small
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Adj.1.pocket-sized - limited in size or scopepocket-sized - limited in size or scope; "a small business"; "a newspaper with a modest circulation"; "small-scale plans"; "a pocket-size country"
limited - small in range or scope; "limited war"; "a limited success"; "a limited circle of friends"
2.pocket-sized - small enough to be carried in a garment pocket; "pocket-size paperbacks"
little, small - limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent; "a little dining room"; "a little house"; "a small car"; "a little (or small) group"
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The DentalCodeology book series is designed for use on the front lines of patient care, whether in its hard copy, pocket-sized book, or the downloadable digital version for smartphones.
Greenberg's Guides Lionel Trains 2010 Edition offers a pocket-sized guide packed with the basic facts on Lionel train collecting, covering all the basics of buying, selling or trading Lionel trains and accessories from prewar to modern times.
KICK-OFF the new football season with our brilliant 52-page pocket-sized guide FREE inside the Daily Mirror tomorrow.
Each page of the complete King James and Catholic Latin versions has been reduced 285 times and printed on a pocket-sized piece of microfilm that can be read under any standard microscope.
In this pocket-sized guidebook, Jones offers a quick reference to choosing everyday products and services such as clothing, food, body care, airlines and even toilet paper.
Deuteronomy 27:25), reads the Bible verse in a 16-page pocket-sized booklet, titled If You're Asked for a Bribe, and published by the Public Chamber, a Kremlin-supported group.
Inhaled Ostabolin-C uses Nektar's small, pocket-sized inhaler to deliver a peptide and it is designed to provide a portable and easy-to-use solution for patients.
And if you had a pocket-sized penguin, what would it be called?
Zen And The Art Of Happiness" by Chris Prentiss (cofounder and co-director of Passages Substance Abuse Treatment Center) is a pocket-sized and highly portable 160-page book presenting practical, spiritual, applicable wisdom from the Eastern philosophy of Zen Buddhism designed to provide the reader with a positive, uplifting message that we can affect and influence the very makeup of our body at a cellular level through what we believe, think, and feel.
Two excellent take-along totes are nearly pocket-sized, yet packed with details.
Truly pocket-sized but in sturdy hardcover lending to take-along tote and shelf life is the updated third edition of the AMERICAN HERITAGE ABBREVIATIONS DICTIONARY, packing in acronyms, abbreviations, and even new 'cyberspeak' terms from the computer world.
Go to any Barnes and Noble, and you'll see plenty of pocket-sized books on drugs.