poco a poco

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po·co a po·co

 (pō′kō ä pō′kō)
adv. Music
Little by little; gradually. Used chiefly as a direction.

[Italian : poco, little + a, by + poco, little.]

poco a poco

(Music, other) (in combination) music little by little: poco a poco rall.

po•co a po•co

(ˈpoʊ koʊ ɑ ˈpoʊ koʊ)

adv. Music.
gradually; little by little.

poco a poco

little by little
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Los vinculos con el Gobierno que en las dos primeras obras representaban abiertamente Enrique Vargas y Henry Colina--policias, vinculados ambos a los organismos de Interior--, aqui se camuflan en Gema Vicente, una fotografa de 35 anos, cuya verdadera identidad la trama confirma poco a poco.
Aminta's famous unfolding of how he fell in love -- "A poco a poco nacque nel mio petto, / non so da qual radice, / com'erba suol che per se stessa germini, / un incognito affetto / che mi fea desiare d'essere sempre presente / a la mia bella Silvia" (1.2.87-93) -- is captured with a similarly alliterative and felicitous opening line and then sustained by parallel grammatical construction in the English translation: "And bit by bit was born within my breast, / I don't know from what root, / as grass may seem to germinate itself, / a strange affection that / made me desire to be / forever present where / my lovely Silvia was."
La prohibicion pone de relieve un movimiento contra el tabaquismo que poco a poco se abre camino en America Latina.
He also missed seeing his POCO A POCO winning the Listed Blenheim Stakes in impressive style.
Poco A Poco, who made the smart Warrior Queen work for victory last time, looks the pick in the Kildare Hotel and Country Club EBF Maiden Stakes (2.45), while Peace Upholds is marginally preferred to Tiger Royal, who is best treated at the weights, in the five-furlong John Dunton Race (5.20).