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Three soil orders, Sodosols, Chromosols, and Kurosols, exhibit a strong texture contrast between the A and B horizons, and a fourth order, Podsols, exhibits accumulations of organic matter and sesquioxides in the B horizon and can be considered as duplex soils under the Australian Soil Classification (Isbell 2002).
Gjems studied clay fraction (<2 [micro]m) by means of X-ray diffraction analysis in 670 samples from 222 soil profiles (A, B, C horizons) of podsols, brown earth, semipodsol, iron humus podsol and humus podsol from different geological formations sampled in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.
Broadly speaking, four soil types are of most importance in this biome: ferralsols and nitosols (formed on basalts), andosols (derived from recent volcanic materials), and podsols (formed on quartz sands).
Coarse-textured podsols and organic soils are thin and widespread in this region (Zoltai 1961, 1965; Brunskill and Schindler 1971; Zoladeski and Maycock 1990).