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 (pŏd′zô-lĭ-zā′shən) also pod·sol·i·za·tion (pŏd′sô-)
1. The process by which soils are depleted of bases and become acidic.
2. The development of a podzol.


(ˌpɒdzɒlaɪˈzeɪʃən) ,






(Geological Science) the process by which the upper layer of a soil becomes acidic through the leaching of bases which are deposited in the lower horizons
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Estonian pedo-ecological conditions are favourable for the formation of soil resulting from organic carbon accumulation in topsoil and the leaching of nutrients by podzolization (Reintam 1998).
Soil development rates in the ridges were assessed through solum thickness, soil pH measurements, soil color determinations, Soil Taxonomy classification and podzolization index value calculations based on the soil colors.
The prevailing soils on Estonian coastal dunes are Podzols of varying level of podzolization (Koresaar, 2003a, b).
Blume H-P, Schneider D, Bolter M (1996) Organic matter accumulation in and podzolization of antarctic soils.
1986) reported that the content of monomeric phenolics in soil is related to the stage of soil podzolization.
Clear 33-year contemporary podzolization was evident in pure sand overgrown with green mosses and covered with the newly formed forest floor during this time (Reintam 2001a).
Herbauts J (1982) Chemical and mineralogical properties of sandy and loamy-sandy ochreous brown earths in relation to incipient podzolization in a brown earth podzol evolutive sequence.
The SOC accumulation in the SSL of mineral soils depends primarily on the presence of illuviation, eluviation, and/or podzolization processes; 22-25 Mg [ha.