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The first is the well-acknowledged connection between Althusser's "overdetermination" and Mao's "On Contradiction" (Bourg; Jameson "Periodizing"; Liu "Problematic," "Hegemony," "Poeticizing"; Montag; Robcis) which already entails the connection between Althusser's thoughts on the superstructure and Maoism.
Romantic poetry embraces everything that is purely poetic, from the greatest art systems, which contain within them still more systems, all the way down to the sigh, the kiss that a poeticizing child breathes out in an artless song.
Not to be confused with their cinematic counterparts elsewhere in Europe, the poets--besides Krynicki, the names one encounters most often include Adam Zagajewski, Stanisiaw Baranczak, and Julian Kornhauser--preferred the straight talk to poeticizing. Disgusted with the thinly veiled lies of official propaganda, they saw the directness of their poems, which they hoped anyone could understand, as an antidote to the omnipresent governmental obfuscating that pervaded their daily existence.
If Waterloo marks for Montgomery the dividing line of peace and war, poetry and prose, passionate and prosaic life, so too the battle serves in his lectures as a key symbol of how modern war resists poeticizing. Montgomery jokes that Scott's The Field of Waterloo contains such bad poetry that Scott was, in effect, defeated by Waterloo (LG, 202).
The same goes for many of the chapters in A Thousand Darknesses, but especially for the one on the poeticizing tendencies in Levi's memoirs and the chapter on reading Wiesel's Night against the grain of Wiesel's peremptory pronouncements about its facticity.
A related key topic of Smith's opening chapter is Heidegger's treatment of epiphanic poetic "firstness." What occasions firstness is "the truly 'poeticizing projection' that, [Heidegger] argues, is at the basis of all great art" (compare Heidegger's famed Greek temple, which "first brings forth the light of day, the breadth of the sky, the darkness of night").
[Analyzes the "deeper scientific meanings" in Whitman's poems, examining his borrowings from his contemporary Thomas Carlyle (a master at "poeticizing the scientific world"), looking at the "interweaving of science and poetry" in Leaves of Grass, and explaining "some of the most elusive and mystical passages of Whitman's poetry in modern scientific terms."]
He has avoided 'alien imagery', kept to the epic's varying lengths of line, and avoided both 'poeticizing' Homer or reducing the language to 'a modern adventure story'.
(6) Some played the comic balia or nurse, others the bawdy servetta; but those who could play the poeticizing inamorata became leading attractions.
Importantly, however, in "Yet One More High and Solemn Song" the poet only anticipates surrendering his harp--he has not yet reached home and can only imagine that he will cease his poeticizing when he does complete this final poem.
The second part, "Crime and Punishment," opens with Anne-Emmanuelle Demartini's exploration of how the writings of the famous murderer Pierre-Francois Lacenaire, by theorizing and poeticizing his remorscless cruelty, successfully fostered his public image as a Romantic hero.