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[From Western Shoshone pakenappeh : pakena-, fog (akin to Cahuilla páxiš, fog, both Shoshone and Cahuilla from earlier *pa-ki-, perhaps ultimately from Proto-Uto-Aztecan *pā-, water) + -ppeh, suffix for stative nouns or nouns considered to be in an inalterable state.]


(Physical Geography) an icy winter fog
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Noun1.pogonip - a dense winter fog containing ice particles
fog - droplets of water vapor suspended in the air near the ground
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Say you pick "pogonip," pronounced "pawg-uh-nip." The actual definition is "a dense winter fog containing frozen particles that is formed in deep mountain valleys of the western U.S." But your team could make up a definition such as "an ancient measuring instrument used by early Bronze Age peoples." And another could be "a jumping device that can prove painful for users."
Known out west by the charming name of pogonip, it was also called, more appropriately, white death.
--, and Coauthors, 2012: Ice fog (pogonip) and frost in Arctic during FRAM-Ice Fog project: Aviation and nowcasting applications.
6, Justin and Selena were spotted riding segways on Pogonip Park in Santa Cruz.