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a. Arousing deep emotion, especially pity or sorrow; touching: a poignant memory; a poignant story. See Synonyms at moving.
b. Keenly distressing to the mind or feelings: poignant anxiety.
c. Physically painful: "Keen, poignant agonies seemed to shoot from his neck downward" (Ambrose Bierce).
2. Piercing; incisive: poignant criticism.
3. Agreeably intense or stimulating: "It was a poignant delight to breathe the keen air" (Joseph A. Altsheler).
4. Archaic
a. Sharp or sour to the taste; piquant.
b. Sharp or pungent to the smell.

[Middle English poinaunt, from Old French poignant, present participle of poindre, to prick, from Latin pungere; see peuk- in Indo-European roots.]

poign′ance, poign′an·cy n.
poign′ant·ly adv.
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Noun1.poignance - a state of deeply felt distress or sorrow; "a moment of extraordinary poignancy"
sorrowfulness, sadness, sorrow - the state of being sad; "she tired of his perpetual sadness"
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I know Carl would have been proud to see his son deliver a maiden speech of such poignance, and whilst he arrives in tragic circumstances, it's clear that he is intent on building on his father's legacy.
The poignance of this distressing incident will not just fill you with sadness, but also evoke a seething indignation.
The following depiction of her protest, in particular, has been widely adopted as a profile picture, emphasizing its poignance for many in Iran.
The divide is obvious: other than sectarian which forms a constant backdrop, the religious-non-religious divide has gained even greater poignance - those who were not religious enough in belief or practice hardly ever voiced against those who followed or professed religion; civ-mil divide in the last three decades has entrenched; the poor vs.
Matthews relays the story of Bobby quietly attending McCarthy's funeral with sympathy and poignance.
Nobody Checks the Time When They're Happy, a collection of short stories by Heekyung Eun, peers into the lives of various South Koreans and forms its own small universe of poignance and melancholy, wonderfully interspersed with offbeat humor.
As it's Cork City in opposition, the act of remembrance will have added poignance, for his father's passing came just six weeks after Folan had joined the Leesiders.
But while aiming for poignance, the film loses some of its edge in this final stretch and arguably overstays its welcome by perhaps 10 minutes; bringing the film in at under two hours would have been advisable.
Katherine commissioned this new song as a gift to the Queen and it also takes on greater poignance now she is a proud to mum her little girl, who is six months old.
It was the simplest of gestures but one with added poignance after days of so much pain.
If one lives in the Last Days, one's actions, one's very life, take on historical meaning and no small measure of poignance," wrote the University of Vermont lecturer Eric Zencey in 1988.
It's hard to pick highlights in such a strong set, but Ordinary Man rang out with a new poignance, following the struggles of the steel workers in the North East.