point count

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point′ count`

1. a method of evaluating a bridge hand by assigning values to high cards and certain distributions.
2. the total of such points in a hand.
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But he made every point count as eight from it came from the attack line.
In 49er sailing event, the Indian pair of Varsha Gautham and Sweta Shervegar bagged the silver medal in the women's category with a total of 44 points, while Varun Thakkar and Ganapathy Chengappa settled for the bronze medal with a final point count of 53 in the men's category.
Weekly surveys following point count method during November 2016 to April 2017 in the campus of Suranaree University of Technology, Nakhon Ratchasima province, resulted in the identification of 94 bird species belonging to 12 orders and 35 families.
Thus, our objective was to examine how local and landscape level factors influenced barn owl occupancy using data obtained from nighttime point count and call broadcast surveys.
Moreover, petrographic point count data indicates quartz-rich plutonic, upper and middle rank gneisses parent rocks for the Datta Formation.
Total myalgia score (TMS), which represented the severity of the clinical symptoms, was calculated by summing up total tender point count (TPC) and the tenderness score for each point, as determined on a 4-point scale (0= no tenderness, 1= mild tenderness, 2= moderate tenderness with grimace, 3= severe tenderness with flinch).
On 17 May, we observed a male chestnut-sided warbler defend its territory from a male prairie warbler (Setophaga discolor), and on 2 June during a point count we observed agonistic behavior between an unbanded male chestnut-sided warbler and a banded chestnut-sided warbler (sex unknown).
A field evaluation of distance measurement error in auditory avian point count surveys.
"With just eight points the difference between third and fifth it's very tight making every point count and with Cleckheaton expected to win at home to Huddersfield YMCA this is a must-win game for us," admitted director of rugby Jan Van Deventer.
Each point count consisted of an initial 10-min observation period, during which the number and sex of bronzed cowbirds were recorded, as well as their distance from the point.
Objective: To examine the factors associated with fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) tender point count (TPC) in a group of Hispanic patients from Puerto Rico.
Point count locations were established within grassland habitats by examining aerial photos of each study site in a Geographic Information System.