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1. A sharp or tapered end:
2. A very small mark:
3. A particular portion of space chosen for something:
4. One of the units in a course, as on an ascending or descending scale:
Informal: notch.
5. A transitional interval beyond which some new action or different state of affairs is likely to begin or occur:
6. A particular interval of time that is limited and often crucial:
7. What one intends to do or achieve:
Idioms: end in view, why and wherefore.
8. What a speech, piece of writing, or artistic work is about:
9. The gist of a specific action or situation:
10. A course of reasoning:
11. An individually considered portion of a whole:
1. To move (a weapon or blow, for example) in the direction of someone or something:
Military: lay.
2. To call or direct attention to something:
3. To mark with punctuation:
phrasal verb
point out
1. To make known or identify, as by signs:
2. To call or direct attention to something:
advert, bring up, mention, point, refer, touch (on or upon).
phrasal verb
point to
1. To give grounds for believing in the existence or presence of:
2. To lead to by logical inference:
phrasal verb
point up
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Undoubtedly there are very many cases of extreme difficulty, in understanding how the same species could possibly have migrated from some one point to the several distant and isolated points, where now found.
Undoubtedly many cases occur, in which we cannot explain how the same species could have passed from one point to the other.
He had the brute's eyes to guide his point, and, as true as the sword hand of his mighty sire, his guided the keen point to one of those blazing orbs, even as he leaped lightly to one side.
Check Point SecureXL is a software interface that enables Check Point to leverage technologies from multiple silicon, appliance and computer system partners to accelerate the performance of firewall and VPN gateways by off-loading simple, though computationally intensive functions to third-party packet processors.
and BARRIE, ON -- World Wide Packets, a leading provider of Carrier Ethernet solutions, today announced that Point to Point Broadband has selected its LightningEdge(R) technology to expand current service offerings to customers in Simcoe County, Ontario.
The repurchase program has no time limit, does not require Check Point to acquire a specific number of shares, and may be suspended from time to time or discontinued.