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n. Slang
An intellectual.

point′y-head′ed adj.


chiefly censorious informal US an intellectual
ˈpointy-ˌheaded adj
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Some Pointy-head Pooter has changed the sequence, so it is now an almighty mess.
The shop looks a treat, with big leafy bunches of shining, washed beetroots, carrots and onions on one side and a stunning display of pointy-head cabbages, lime-green calabrese, fennel, red and green frilly lettuce, peas, french and runner beans, and potatoes on the other.
Some pointy-head professor of sexual psychology would complain that it had subliminal links with pornography and phallic symbolism.
George Shultz plays the treacherous, striped-pants pointy-head --a laugh if ever there was one.
No sooner had the young pointy-head read this horrendous slur than he was haring around to the barbers.
Eyeing his train timetables and toy soldiers, the pointy-head added that many analysts reckoned that BT would abandon the flotation altogether, instead saving cash by chopping the dividend and raising cash through a rights issue.
4% off forecast growth over the next five years, according to the pointy-heads at the Office for Budget Responsibility.
Last week's column on Ed Miliband and his pointy-heads caused a stir.
The firms may have gone, but the pointy-heads endure, including Martin Leibowitz at Morgan Stanley and Jess Yawitz at NISA in St Louis.
Academic pointy-heads should follow the impact factors.
He gave roughly the same speech to the rednecks and the pointy-heads.