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composed or sent maliciously and usu. anonymously, as an anonymous letter.
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River City BBC1 Molly and Liz get a shock when a poison-pen letter arrives at the charity shop, accusing Alasdair of being a paedophile.
Dirk's tormentor goes out of their way to prove they aren't to be messed with, but when he receives another poison-pen letter, he's suddenly convinced the culprit may be a lot closer to home than he originally thought.
His latest poison-pen letter cites statistics from a paper that was subsequently retracted by the journal that published it (Social Science Research) because it was so badly flawed as to invalidate its conclusions.
After a minister read out and tabled in parliament an anonymous letter casting the most appalling aspersions on top judicial officials, one cannot but wonder when - and not if - the Rajapaksas would legalise the use of poison-pen letters as sufficient evidence to convict anyone of any crime.
Police have arrested a man on suspicion of a "malicious poison-pen incident" after a shop assistant in a Marks and Spencer store in Leicester received a live tarantula in a gift box in the post.
The truth comes out when Carl suspects that Chloe wrote the poison-pen letters that ruined his relationship with Chas.
Chas is livid when she finds out Chloe (Amy Nuttall) wrote poison-pen letters and faked her pregnancy to Carl King (Tom Lister).
A couple victimised by a former vicar in an 18-month poison-pen letter campaign spoke yesterday of their ordeal.
One of them, who sent poison-pen letters, has now been caught and is understood to be receiving psychiatric help, but the other is still at large.
Radio 4 POISON-PEN letters, dead goats and the cat is getting precariously close to getting out of Siobhan and Brian's bag.
Cognizant that bad press and poison-pen letters to the editor grabs the attention of the Bay Street financiers, the city intends to have a public relations strategy in place to ensure that local success stories and updates on ongoing city initiatives are heard.