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1. A substance that causes injury, illness, or death, especially by chemical means.
2. Something destructive or fatal.
3. Chemistry A substance that inhibits another substance or a reaction: a catalyst poison.
tr.v. poi·soned, poi·son·ing, poi·sons
1. To kill or harm with poison.
2. To put poison on or into: poisoning arrows; poisoned the drink.
a. To pollute: Noxious fumes poison the air. See Synonyms at contaminate.
b. To have a harmful influence on; corrupt: Jealousy poisoned their friendship.
4. Chemistry & Physics To inhibit (a substance or reaction).

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin pōtiō, pōtiōn-, drink; see pō(i)- in Indo-European roots.]

poi′son·er n.
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[ˈpɔɪzənd] adj [food, drink, weapon] → empoisonné(e) poisoned chalicepoisoned chalice ncadeau m empoisonné
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food, arrowvergiftet; a poisoned chalice (esp Brit fig) → ein bitterer Kelch
(= contaminated) air, water, soilvergiftet
(Med: = infected) → infiziert
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References in classic literature ?
Then the blood ran cold in her heart with spite and malice, to see that Snowdrop still lived; and she dressed herself up again, but in quite another dress from the one she wore before, and took with her a poisoned comb.
Meantime the queen went home to her glass, and shook with rage when she read the very same answer as before; and she said, 'Snowdrop shall die, if it cost me my life.' So she went by herself into her chamber, and got ready a poisoned apple: the outside looked very rosy and tempting, but whoever tasted it was sure to die.
"Exactly," said Challenger, rubbing his hands, "we are all poisoned. Our planet has swum into the poison belt of ether, and is now flying deeper into it at the rate of some millions of miles a minute.
"Poisoned arrows snake poison--very dead-like and quick."
Is in danger of being poisoned by the breath of a serpent.
He whom the flame of jealousy encompasseth, turneth at last, like the scorpion, the poisoned sting against himself.
"It was poisoned, Peter," she told him softly; "and now I am going to be dead."
An hour afterwards a physician declared they were both poisoned through eating mushrooms.
"At the sight of papers of all sorts, -- titles, contracts, parchments, which were kept in the archives of the family, all descending from the poisoned cardinal, I in my turn examined the immense bundles of documents, like twenty servitors, stewards, secretaries before me; but in spite of the most exhaustive researches, I found -- nothing.
"This 25th day of April, 1498, be...ing invited to dine by his Holiness Alexander VI., and fearing that not...content with making me pay for my hat, he may desire to become my heir, and re...serves for me the fate of Cardinals Caprara and Bentivoglio, who were poisoned...I declare to my nephew, Guido Spada, my sole heir, that I have bu...ried in a place he knows and has visited with me, that is, in...the caves of the small Island of Monte Cristo all I poss...ssed of ingots, gold, money, jewels, diamonds, gems; that I alone...know of the existence of this treasure, which may amount to nearly two mil...lions of Roman crowns, and which he will find on raising the twentieth ro...ck from the small creek to the east in a right line.
In Pakistan, according to a National Health Survey, poisoning is the second most common cause of unintentional injuries in persons aged 5 and above.3 Various dynamics of the poisoning phenomena have been studied however gender-based evaluation of poisoned patients is scarce.
According to him, all vultures had fed on a poisoned spotted hyena at the periphery of the Reserve.