poisonous substance

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Noun1.poisonous substance - any substance that causes injury or illness or death of a living organismpoisonous substance - any substance that causes injury or illness or death of a living organism
substance - a particular kind or species of matter with uniform properties; "shigella is one of the most toxic substances known to man"
atropine - a poisonous crystalline alkaloid extracted from the nightshade family; used as an antispasmodic and to dilate the eye pupil; also administered in large amounts as an antidote for organophosphate nerve agents or organophosphate insecticides
hyoscyamine - a poisonous crystalline alkaloid (isometric with atropine but more potent); used to treat excess motility of the gastrointestinal tract
toxin - a poisonous substance produced during the metabolism and growth of certain microorganisms and some higher plant and animal species
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Well, then, at the end of a month, when drinking water from the same carafe, you would kill the person who drank with you, without your perceiving, otherwise than from slight inconvenience, that there was any poisonous substance mingled with this water."
SIALKOT -- A man with his family allegedly killed his wife by forcibly putting poisonous substance in her mouth in village Kotli Noshera-Satrah, Daska tehsil, on Wednesday.
A 30-year-man, Bhaliyo, son of Misri Meghwar, resident of village Sadiq Wassan, taluka Jam Nawaz Ali, took a poisonous substance after being depressed due to loan burden and rising pressure by lenders to pay the loan.
As he was unable to pay the loan, he ended life by taking a poisonous substance. Victim's relatives said that Bhaliyo was detained by loan providers at their office for a day before his suicide.
In frustration, Uzma ended her life by swallowing poisonous substance. In a road accident, a rashly driven oil tanker hit to death a pedestrian Muhammad Din near Chungi No.
The casualty succumbed to poisonous substance on her way to hospital while she was being taken there by her brother.
An apple seed contains which poisonous substance? 2.
'She locked herself inside her apartment and consumed the poisonous substance.
The victim's body had been brought to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center for autopsy and later handed over to the family for burial process where doctors had confirmed that the victim had died of having poisonous substance. Police officials said that the victim's parents had claimed that the victim was murdered by her husband as she frequently complained about her husband, adding that the police later initiated investigations and traced and arrested a suspect.
LARKANA -- A 28-year hairdresser Wazir Ali Agani, father of five kids, tried to commit suicide by taking poisonous substance but was fortunately saved by the duty doctors of Chandka Hospital.
First, I think that if a military-grade poisonous substance was used, as our British colleagues claim, this person would've died right there on the spot.
Aitkenhead noted it was not the laboraroty's authority to determine the place where the poisonous substance was produced.