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a. Containing or being a poison: poisonous fumes.
b. Capable of harming or killing by poison: poisonous tentacles.
a. Full of ill will; malicious or spiteful: a poisonous look.
b. Harmful or destructive: a poisonous precedent.

poi′son·ous·ly adv.
poi′son·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.poisonously - in a very malevolent mannerpoisonously - in a very malevolent manner    
بصورةٍ سامَّه
á eitraîan hátt
zehirli olarak


(ˈpoizn) noun
any substance which causes death or illness when taken into the body. She killed herself by taking poison; (also adjective) poison gas.
1. to kill or harm with poison. He poisoned his wife.
2. to put poison into (food etc). He poisoned her coffee.
ˈpoisoner noun
ˈpoisonous adjective
containing or using poison. That fruit is poisonous; a poisonous snake.
ˈpoisonously adverb
poison-pen letter
an anonymous letter saying wicked things about a person etc.
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Our political environment is poisonously polarised and anything seems to be allowed to gain some political mileage.
Incurable bachelor Reynolds Woodcock is a 1950s fashion designer to the super wealthy who begins a poisonously passionate relationship with his latest young muse, Alma.
Incurable bachelor Reynolds Woodcock is a 1950s' fashion designer to the super wealthy who begins a poisonously passionate relationship with his latest young muse, Alma.
Some days, there's a brown haze hovering poisonously along the foothills.
And they saw clearly articulated values poisonously practised.
Unlike many writers and intellectuals from the southern parts of Yugoslavia who had to flee their brutally ravaged country, Debeljak was fortunate enough to remain in Slovenia, only to witness the disintegration of literally everything he stood for, reminiscent of Odysseus helplessly listening to "the Sirens of the inherited mythological archetypes, the Sirens of tribal tradition" (Somrak idolov 10), the poisonously sweet nationalistic tunes others were fiercely dancing to.
But this legal process probably won't be triggered without a poisonously divisive election.
And almost as if by magic, my destructive rage turned into constructive delight as the unexpected synergy of the dark corner I had created, of unnaturally black, poisonously purple, and uncannily lizard-like plants suggested a plan to move forward from, a blueprint for an alternate garden in my mind.
Seldom has such a poisonously partisan few violated the rights of a nonpartisan many: workers' rights, LGBTQ rights, civil rights and voting rights," NAACP president and CEO Cornell William Brooks said in a statement.
Boulez was famously unafraid of saying what he thought, and, at times, he had even been quite poisonously biting, especially when he was young; but in later years he became much more tactful in commenting on other composers' music.
Indignant at being compared to the Georgian president, a man as hated in Abkhazia as he is in Russia, Gulariya poisonously retorted: "We don't need any Saakashwilis here, and no Hitlers either
Others seized upon Moynihan's dramatic phrases, notably "tangle of pathology," and accused him of painting a poisonously negative picture of black culture while at the same time failing to prescribe antidotes.