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a. Containing or being a poison: poisonous fumes.
b. Capable of harming or killing by poison: poisonous tentacles.
a. Full of ill will; malicious or spiteful: a poisonous look.
b. Harmful or destructive: a poisonous precedent.

poi′son·ous·ly adv.
poi′son·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.poisonously - in a very malevolent mannerpoisonously - in a very malevolent manner    
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بصورةٍ سامَّه
á eitraîan hátt
zehirli olarak


(ˈpoizn) noun
any substance which causes death or illness when taken into the body. She killed herself by taking poison; (also adjective) poison gas.
1. to kill or harm with poison. He poisoned his wife.
2. to put poison into (food etc). He poisoned her coffee.
ˈpoisoner noun
ˈpoisonous adjective
containing or using poison. That fruit is poisonous; a poisonous snake.
ˈpoisonously adverb
poison-pen letter
an anonymous letter saying wicked things about a person etc.
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Cover up a pound of earth never so cunningly, divide and subdivide it; melt it to liquid, convert it to gas; it will always weigh a pound; it will always attract and resist other matter by the full virtue of one pound weight:--and the attributes of a person, his wit and his moral energy, will exercise, under any law or extinguishing tyranny, their proper force,--if not overtly, then covertly; if not for the law, then against it; if not wholesomely, then poisonously; with right, or by might.
It's a strategic mistake by Conservatives when voters no longer laugh with, but at, a poisonously divisive figure who fewer and fewer consider funny.
He said poisonously, economy and accountability could not go together.
the lovely Joy there with the weather on tV is saying it is poisonously cold.
Yet in a capital and a country where politics has become poisonously tribal, Kavanaugh has tried to cover his bases, as Washington insiders have long done.
As the most divisive figure to occupy the White House in generations, he will undoubtedly reap what he has poisonously sowed as Britons in their thousands hit the streets to speak up against his leadership.
As the most divisive figure for generations to occupy the White House he will undoubtedly reap what he has poisonously sowed as Britons in their thousands speak up on the streets against his leadership.
In Nepal, every step is poisonously affected by the spoils system at its worst, and hence the credentials of the appointees attract extended questions.
POISONOUSLY POLARISEDPerhaps they didn't foresee how difficult it would be for most of us in Kenya to learn to be measured.
Incurable bachelor Reynolds Woodcock is a 1950s fashion designer to the super wealthy who begins a poisonously passionate relationship with his latest young muse, Alma.
Some days, there's a brown haze hovering poisonously along the foothills.
And they saw clearly articulated values poisonously practised.