poke in

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w>poke in

vt sephineinstecken or -strecken; he poked his head in through the windower steckte or streckte seinen Kopf zum Fenster herein; I’ll just poke my head in and say hello (inf)ich will nur schnell vorbeischauen und Guten or guten Tag sagen
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Please note that this is not a list of the best poke in Honolulu.
Back to the pumpkin project, Clarke instructs each felter how to wrap their core with colored wool and poke, poke, poke it into place; how to poke pumpkin segments - "first do thirds, then halve those thirds"; and then how to poke in place the finishing touches, such as stem and leaves before adding wire tendrils.
The Match Of The Day presenter enjoyed a curry chip with Danielle in Armagh before having a poke in Fermanagh.