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An electrochemical method of quantitative or qualitative analysis based on the relationship between an increasing current passing through a solution and the increasing voltage used to produce the current.

po·lar′o·graph′ic (-lăr′ə-grăf′ĭk) adj.
po·lar′o·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.polarographic - of or involving polarography
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TX was determined using a differential pulse polarographic method in pharmaceuticals and blood, with a static mercury drop electrode.
In all except one of the twenty patients who underwent intraoperative measurement with polarographic electrode during NSCLC resection, the p[O.sub.2] value in the tumor tissue was shown to be lower than the p[O.sub.2] value of lung tissue (35).
Kozlov AV, Spectrophotometric, electron spin resonance, polarographic, and chemiluminescent study of biologically active chelators: 1-Allyl-2-methyl3-hydroxy-4-pyridinone, lipoic and dihydrolipoic acids.
Electrochemical is further segmented into galvanic and polarographic DO sensors.
The electrochemical dissolved oxygen segment is further classified into galvanic and polarographic. In terms of application, the DO sensors market is segmented into wastewater treatment, aquaculture, environmental sciences, food and beverages, and others.
Photo-oxidation of tetracycline--a differential pulse polarographic study.
The Licox[R] monitoring system (Integra Life Sciences Corp., San Diego, California, USA) and 0.6 mm Clark type polarographic microprobes (Licox[R] CMP cc1, Integra Life Sciences Corp., San Diego, California, USA) were used to determine tissue Pt[O.sup.2].
During his career at Pfizer, he developed new spectroscopic, chromatographic, polarographic, and thermal methods for testing chemical and pharmaceutical products.
337-345 in Polarographic Oxygen Sensors: Aquatic and Physiological Applications.
Fidel et al., "Ultrasound guided, pre-radiation oxygen measurements using polarographic oxygen needle electrodes in spontaneous canine soft tissue sarcomas," In Vivo, vol.
Electrochemical measurements were performed using a potentiostat (Polarographic Analyzer PA2, Laboratorni Pristroje Prague, Czech Republic) that was directly connected to a computer via an AD card.
Reyes, "Polarographic determination of nitrate in vegetables," Talanta, vol.