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The functional performance and behaviour of the mice were assessed using assays and experiments including the elevated body swing test to evaluate symmetry of motor behaviour, the rotarod test to assess coordination and balance, and the pole test to assess locomotor balance and coordination.
10 pole test switch, p p p p p p p p t t back connected, plastic cover, with hardware for 1 1/2" panel.
The protective effect of Sal against PD-related behavioral disorders was evaluated by pole test and open field test in the MPTP-induced PD mouse model.
The model achieved top five-star results from the federal government in all aspects of side testing, including a structurally demanding side pole test.
The demanding assessment includes a 64km/h frontal offset test and a 50km/h side impact test, along with a 29km/h pole test, a whiplash test simulating a 32km/h rear-end crash, and a 40km/h pedestrian impact protection test.
The compact SUV was tested with an optional side thorax airbag, but its test results showed poor protection levels, particularly in the side pole test.