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1. A controversial argument, especially one refuting or attacking a specific opinion or doctrine.
2. A person engaged in or inclined to controversy, argument, or refutation.
adj. also po·lem·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
Of or relating to a controversy, argument, or refutation.

[French polémique, from Greek polemikos, hostile, from polemos, war.]

po·lem′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.polemically - involving controversy; "criticism too polemically stated"
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I say this polemically, or in reply to the inquiry, Why not realize your world?
Fifth, it is interpretively balanced-not polemically annoying.
He argues that the `associators' (mushrikun) attacked in the Koran were monotheists whose beliefs and practices were judged to fall short of true monotheism and were portrayed polemically as idolatry.
But when an author writes polemically, even when he claims he does not, something suffers.
The book's closing chapters, "Post-positivism in the United States and Quine's Apostasy" and "The Decline of Analytic Philosophy," polemically argue that Quine's philosophy, and the post-Quinean naturalism prevalent in Anglo-American philosophy today, amount to such a decisive break with the analytic tradition, as Hacker conceives of it, that they should not be counted as "analytic."
For adherents of the critical school of West German historiography which flourished in the 1970s and has been most prominently and polemically represented by Hans-Ulrich Wehler, Germany's special path (Sonderweg) into the industrial age was determined by a combination of rapid economic development and the continuing political and social dominance of resilient, manipulative pre-industrial elites.
At the earlier stage of transition from Fruhjudentum to Urchristentum Paul used the concept of covenant marginally and polemically, arguing his case with fellow Jews and Jewish Christians, but Hebrews stands at a significant social and theological distance from these origins.
Indeed, she is a vocal, and polemically quite effective anti-racist.
Her writing on ballet--and she was quite a critic in her day--was crisp, terse, and polemically correct, constantly prodding Soviet ballet toward modernization.
And the virtues of Stewart's ability to add new `ways of seeing' to his pedigree of close stylistic examination are only thrown in relief by a lesser production, (B)(**)Naked Truths,(2) a collection of essays introduced polemically by Shelby Brown, but whose fervent significance evaporates soon on perusal.
I say this polemically, not as a critique against any of the contributors, to indicate that a 'new anthropology' faces the same dangers as any 'old' anthropology.
Where it is addressed, foreign observers see it in a polemically cultural guise, as yet another indication that American culture--stereotyped as overly optimistic, superficial, youth-oriented--is unable to assimilate the complexities and darker, more morally ambiguous aspects of human experience.