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One that propels, supports, conveys, or strikes with a pole.


1. (Horse Training, Riding & Manège) another name for pole horse
2. (Nautical Terms) a person or thing that poles, esp a punter


(ˈpoʊ lər)

1. one that poles.
2. a pole horse.
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Noun1.poler - a draft horse harnessed alongside the shaft or pole of a vehicle
draft horse, draught horse, dray horse - horse adapted for drawing heavy loads
References in classic literature ?
The polers ran along the sides of the boat glancing over their shoulders at the end of the day's journey.
The polers ran smartly along the sides of the boat, looking over their shoulders at the beginning of a weary journey.
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Boro 2 also known as DRC by its locals due to its lively poler station is ray of hope for its communities.
If you want locally designed clothing, you can get it from Portland lines such as Bridge & Burn and Poler, and if handicrafts are your thing, try Tender Loving Empire, Land Gallery and Crafty Wonderland.
Early this year, Miriam invited popular influencer and fear facer Michelle Poler to speak before the student body.
As soon as YouTuber/influencer Michelle Poler was introduced as the speaker to the students of Miriam College, the Henry Sy Innovation Center auditorium was filled with dance music, and Michelle went up to the stage and started dancing (like no one was watching).
Poler, a man who wore black duck-taped glasses, drove a rambling duck-taped car, and might have been something of an "eccentric." Tall, unselfish, in his early 40s, he was a pretty decent low post player as well as a rather kind, possibly tender, most certainly awkward man, all at once.
Porem, mesmo com os incentivos de reducao de custos e possibilidades de inovacao e operacionalizacao da cadeia colaborativa de valor (Boza, Cuenca, Poler. & Michaelides, 2015), existem barreiras e desafios que impactam a decisao das empresas adotarem a solucao ERP cloud (Peng & Gala, 2014).
Cantwell is able to recognize the boatman's behavior as irrational and is interested in exploring it, asking Alvarito about the poler's hostility.
Mesmo entidades com nivel de maturidade de processos suficiente para ter um sistema proprio de mensuracao de processos devem se preocupar em alinhar este sistema de desempenho ao sistema de avaliacao de desempenho organizacional, assentado na estrategia (ALFARO; ORTIZ; POLER, 2007).